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Shortly after noon on Friday, November 22, 1963, as he drove in a motorcade through Dallas, President Kennedy was shot.  At 1:30, a stunned nation learned that the President was dead.  "He's gone," said a grief-stricken aid. Vice President Johnson took the oath of office on Air Force One in front of federal judge Sarah Hughes, and the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.


  • 1. "Fog of War" McNamara selects burial site at Arlington (1:47).

  • 2. "Jackie" movie trailer

  • 3. PPT w/ following video clips built in

    • Cronkite on CBS

    • WGBH Broadcast Nov. 22, 1963; BSO conductor tells audience JFK has been assassinated.

    • State funeral of JFK/Beethoven Symphony 3, 2d movement (funeral march)

NOTE> PPT Notes too large to upload/see Cold War-Kennedy file.

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