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Welcome! This is the online version of my U.S. History II course. Here you will find each and every lesson in each Unit.  This site is for YOU to dig deeper into American history through a variety of extra resources:  art, music, film, the work of academic historians, and of course, primary sources.

Lifelong Love of History
I've been enthralled by American history since I was a kid. My grandfather would tell me about growing up in New Bedford in the 1920s, when people still remembered gas lamps and whaling ships. Later, he introduced me to his library of history books and his mementos from fighting in the Second World War.  
I was hooked.

Ask Questions and Evaluate. At the University of Michigan, I majored in History and was fortunate to have legendary Professor Sidney Fine for U.S. History. Examining the past and making sense of it continued through graduate school and into the career I love: serving as a well-informed and passionate tour guide for YOU as YOU learn to:

  • ask the key historical questions!

  • make an argument by telling a story!

  • make judgments and evaluations on the American past!

About the Course


See my recently published article on country music during the Great Depression.

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