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unit bibliographical notes

  • The Perils of Prosperity:  1914-1932, William Leuchtenburg. Remarkable list of Depression statistics in the chapter "Smashup."  

  • The Lean Years, Irving Bernstein.  Depression statistics & anecdotes on suffering of the people. p. 247 Hoover in 1928-"we will abolish poverty!" p. 505 US Steel Statistics.

  • Digital Public Library of America has some terrific primary sources related to this unit.


  • Opening 60 minutes of Cinderella Man depict the economic toll of the Depression on an American family (1928 to hat-in-hand scene to end of Corn Griffin fight).


  • The Dust Bowl, 2012 PBS Documentary by Ken Burns.

  • The Dark Valley, Piers Brendon.

  • The Dispossessed, Jacqueline Jones.

  • The Global Impact of the Great Depression, Dietmar Rothermund.

  • The Dust Bowl, Worster.

  • A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression, Ziegelman and Coe.

  • The Great Interwar Crisis, Robert Boyce.

  • The Money Makers, Rauchway.

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