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Unit Bibliographical Notes

  • The Perils of Prosperity, William Leuchtenburg, for tribal divisions & the 1920s presidents.  Pp. 92-94 very good on Ohio Gang.

  • Daily Life in the U.S. 1920-1939, David Kyvig, for Daily Life in 1920s sheet and for Stock Mkt Simulation--RCA goes up 400X from 1921 price--p. 181. 

  • Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich, Kevin Phillips (New York: Broadway 2002)

  • Strangers in the Land, John Higham.

  • Coming to America, Roger Daniels.  Immigration statistics & anecdotes.

  • Popular Crime by Bill James.  P. 124-125 domestic terrorism 1915-1921; 142-43 Am groups at war with each other; 125-30 excellent bit on Sacco & Vanzetti.  Copy 125-30 for HW or in-class reading/writing.

  • Digital Public Library of America has some terrific primary sources related to this unit.

  • The film & Memoir A River Runs Through It:  depicts middle-class '20s, consumer goods, autos, youth culture, nativism.

  • Scene in Inherit the Wind when Brady is on the witness stand.

  • The World Broke in Two: the Year that Changed Literature. Bill Goldstein (for WWI as portal to Modern World, and for examples of modernist lit).

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