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  • Atomic Cafe (1982) 0:00 to 10:00 Trinity Test, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini

  • Japan, 1941:  Countdown to Infamy by Eri Hotta for Pearl Harvor attack from Japanese perspective.

  • Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, by Herbert Bix for Japanese Militarism lecture.

  • How to Think Like Sherlock, by Daniel Smith, pp. 136-43 on cryptanalysis re. Joseph Rocheford & Midway.

  • Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson (p. 339 et seq.) for lesson "America at War, 1942-43."

  • Band of Brothers, Ambrose. Chapters 11-14 dealing with Ardennes/Battle of the Bulge. Use with Ep. 7 of Band of Brothers about attack on Foy.   LEGIONARY by Philip Matyszak is good for logistical needs and artillery of Roman army. 

  • Citizen Soldiers by Stephen Ambrose for essential question, can an army of citizen-soldiers defeat the forces of totalitarianism?

  • Intelligence in War, John Keegan, for section on Rochefort, McClusky and Midway pp. 190-220. Best version of this I've read.

  • Ardennes, 1944, Antony Beevor (for Bulge lesson)

  • Miracle at Midway, for tally on p. 396 (1983 edition)

  • Daybook, volume 15, Issue 4, by the Hampton Roads Naval History Museum (PDF). Fantastic resource for Midway lesson.

  • Patton (1970) GSP speech before troops (06:30).

  • Patton 360 "Rommel's Last Stand"

  • Pearl Harbor, attack scene 1:22 onward.  Doolittle Raid scene, 2:21 to end of film (best part of film).

  • Home Front U.S.A. by Allan M. Winkler for Homefront lesson.

  • Soldaten by Sonke Neitzel for atrocities on Eastern front-Stalingrad lesson.

  • "Facing Stalingrad" by Jochen Hellbeck, article on German & Russian veterans.  Used for Stalingrad lesson.

  • WWII From Space-really good visual resource.

  • Reds, Ted Morgan. Great section on Malmedy Massacre for Ardennes/Bulge lesson)

  • The Fallen of WWII--Neil Halloran 

  • The Blitzkrieg Myth, by John Mosier--interesting revisionist takes on fall of France, inter-war years. 

  • Downfall, 2004 film of Hitler's last ten days. Show clip of suicide.

  • The Blitzkrieg Myth--Mosier--pretty fascinating revisionist history with some cool stuff on tank and armor logistics.

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